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Truth really can be stranger than fiction.

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La verdad puede ser más extraña que la ficción.

First Page - ¡Ya está en marcha! Todas las historias son verídicas, o están basadas en hechos reales. Lectura ilimitada por $4.99 / mes. No hay que descargar nada. Lea en su teléfono, tableta u ordenador.

Is The Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate Of God? Or Is It Evil?

Did you know the Word of God (the Christian Bible) speaks directly against what governments are doing with Covid-19 vaccine mandates? Get the facts here

¿Viene de Dios el mandato de vacuna contra el Covid-19? O ¿acaso es malo?

¿Sabía que la Palabra de Dios (la Biblia cristiana) condena de manera directa lo que los gobiernos están haciendo a través de los mandatos de vacuna contra el Covid-19? Obtenga los hechos aquí.


The Third Man by Angela Sheffield

Was There A Curse On Helen's Romantic Life?

The Third Man by Angela Sheffield is based on a true story. Read chapter one now!

Should A Christian Practice Yoga Or Pilates? The Shocking Truth

Perhaps you practice yoga for health reasons, or to reduce stress. But, do you really know the diabolical goal of any form or style of yoga, including pilates? Get your answers here

La verdad espeluznante sobre el yoga revelada por la Biblia cristiana

Quizás practiques yoga por motivos de salud o para reducir el estrés. Pero, ¿realmente conoces el objetivo diabólico de cualquier forma o estilo de yoga, incluido el pilates? Obten tus respuestas aquí.

Communicating With The Dead: Learn The Shocking Truth

The spirit you think is mom, dad, or some other loved one from beyond the grave is NOT your loved one. But, what about the "proof" that the living can indeed talk to the dead? Let God's Word open your eyes to a deception that is pure evil. Read Spirits Of The Deceased

Comunicarse con los muertos: La impactante verdad

El espíritu que parece ser tu madre, padre o algún otro ser querido tuyo desde el más allá NO es tu ser querido. Pero, ¿qué hay de "la prueba" de que los vivos pueden comunicarse con los muertos? Permite que la Palabra de Dios te abra los ojos para que veas el engaño que es de la maldad pura. Te invitamos a leer ¿Están los muertos entre los vivos?

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Help me with my unruly teenager!

Contact one of our nationally certified Christian life coaches who specializes in working with at-risk youth. Tell me more!

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Teofila Gottfried book

¿Qué tiene que ver conmigo? por Teófila Gottfried

Lo que leemos en la Biblia tiene que ver con todos los seres humanos, sean cristianos o judíos, ateos o agnósticos, budistas, musulmanes o adherentes a alguna de las filosofías o nuevas religiones que surgen en el mundo. ¿Por qué? Ver mayor información sobre este interesante libro.

Cyber Glasses: Another Attack on Privacy in Public?


Cyber glasses such as those by Google Glass have sparked heated debates regarding the death of privacy in public. For those who are not familiar with what cyber glasses are, basically they are glasses that are computerized with the ability to connect to the world wide web (the Internet). In other words, they might be called "smart glasses."

Google Glass cyber glasses for example, have the ability to: take photographs, make a video, surf the Internet, share information at social networking sites, get directions, translate words into a foreign language, and even more. Yes, all of that technology in cyber glasses has arrived. But, since cell phones, tiny cameras, net books, and other mobile devices can take photos and make a video, why the debate over the death of privacy in public?

We agree that cyber glasses probably don't pose any more risk to privacy than the recording devices already being used. However, each time any device that further tramples on privacy in public appears on the market, we should examine the attitudes with which we are responding to the change.

Cyber Glasses Can Help to Catch Criminals?

Some supporters of these "smart" glasses have pointed out that if someone attacks another person on the street, onlookers wearing cyber glasses can easily record the crime. So, since crime would be deterred, we should not focus on the death of privacy in public.

Others see such an argument as absurd. In some cities such as Albany and New York, NY, onlookers will watch someone get beaten to death and not lift a finger to call 911 on their cell phone. Why should we expect them to use cyber glasses to report what they don't care about? Remember, the problem is not that the people need better technology to be safe. The problem is not realizing that a pair of glasses does not take the place of having a decent heart that moves them to dial 911, something that does not require a high tech solution.

People Can Make Money With Cyber Glasses

Some who commented in favor of Google Glass revealed that they secretly film people in public to collect images for projects that they can sell. Obviously they themselves are the death of privacy in public. They want to make money using the images of people who have not given their permission to use their image. Instead of recognizing their wrong, they choose to say something like, "If you want privacy, don't go out of your house."

People have the right to go out into the public and not be filmed without their permission--a right that used to be recognized. Why do these people think that the media had to obtain permission before filming in cases where the person/s were not celebrities? Instead it should be said to them, "If you don't have the decency to respect other people's right not to be filmed without their permission, you are the one who should stay in your house."

When that silly statement in defense of further trampling on privacy in public is not used, another one just as silly takes its place. We often hear, "If you're not doing anything wrong, you shouldn't have a problem with being filmed." This is actually more ridiculous than the first "excuse" for doing wrong. And, when we say "wrong" we are not referring to laws of the land. Just because we have the right to do something does not make that thing is right.

Now, there are many things that people do in private that are NOT wrong, yet they should not be filmed. The biblical scripture of Matthew 6:6 says, "But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret...." Some might say that because the scripture is not speaking of prayer in public that it is irrelevant. It is very relevant because of the silly statement that if we are doing nothing wrong, wherever that may be, that we should not worry about privacy.

Certainly, there is nothing wrong with what the Lord Jesus told his followers to include in their lives: prayer in secret. The prayer is not anything wrong in the least bit, but sometimes it is to be done in SECRET. The same can be said for so many activities. They are not wrong, but the person still deserves privacy and that includes privacy in public.

The "We Can't Stop Technology" Argument

The fact that we can't stop something does not mean that we don't recognize it for what it is. Technology will not be stopped. It is predicted in biblical scripture, an infallible source of prophecy. So, this "argument" is not really worthy of being called an argument. No justice system can totally stop murder. That does not mean that we just say something as stupid as, "Well, we can't stop murder, so just let people continue to kill one another."

Privacy in public is a real problem in today's world, particularly in major cities. Some people don't mind at all being filmed by strangers while in public. However, others do. And, those who don't mind should not tell others what to mind and what not to mind. Perhaps drastic measures will be taken by some people to hang on to what little privacy in public can still be had.

Perhaps the women could pretend to be Muslims who believe in covering themselves from head to toe. And, perhaps the men will simply have to be disguised as they go out into public. Perhaps disguise kits will be sold to those who will simply do what's necessary to guard against their image being recorded without their permission.

More on the Dangers of Technology:

Examining the Effects of Technology on Society

Nanotechnology: A Christian Perspective

Future Nanotechnology in the Star Trek Original Episodes

The Christian Bible on Cryonics and Suspended Animation: Eternal Life Through Tomorrow's Technology?

International Bible Study Online


Study the Bible with us no matter where you live. More information here.

Estudio bíblico internacional en linea


Estudiad la Biblia con nosotros sin importar dónde viváis. Más información.

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