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Truth really can be stranger than fiction.

First Page - Now launched! All the stories are true, or based on real events. Unlimited reading for $4.99 / month. No downloads. Read on your phone, tablet or computer.

La verdad puede ser más extraña que la ficción.

First Page - ¡Ya está en marcha! Todas las historias son verídicas, o están basadas en hechos reales. Lectura ilimitada por $4.99 / mes. No hay que descargar nada. Lea en su teléfono, tableta u ordenador.

Manna Minutes Christian Podcast

Manna Minutes Podcast: Eye-opening Bible study in less than five minutes! Access all episodes here.

Podcast cristiano Manna Minutes

El podcast Manna Minutes: ¡Estudio bíblico que nos hace abrir los ojos en menos de cinco minutos! Acceda a todos los episodios aquí.

Manna Minutes Christian Podcast

Manna Minutes Podcast Auf Deutsch: Augenöffnendes Bibelstudium in weniger als fünf Minuten! Alle Episoden finden Sie hier.

Is The Covid-19 Vaccine Mandate Of God? Or Is It Evil?

Did you know the Word of God (the Christian Bible) speaks directly against what governments are doing with Covid-19 vaccine mandates? Get the facts here

¿Viene de Dios el mandato de vacuna contra el Covid-19? O ¿acaso es malo?

¿Sabía que la Palabra de Dios (la Biblia cristiana) condena de manera directa lo que los gobiernos están haciendo a través de los mandatos de vacuna contra el Covid-19? Obtenga los hechos aquí.


The Third Man by Angela Sheffield

Was There A Curse On Helen's Romantic Life?

The Third Man by Angela Sheffield is based on a true story. Read chapter one now!

Should A Christian Practice Yoga Or Pilates? The Shocking Truth

Perhaps you practice yoga for health reasons, or to reduce stress. But, do you really know the diabolical goal of any form or style of yoga, including pilates? Get your answers here

La verdad espeluznante sobre el yoga revelada por la Biblia cristiana

Quizás practiques yoga por motivos de salud o para reducir el estrés. Pero, ¿realmente conoces el objetivo diabólico de cualquier forma o estilo de yoga, incluido el pilates? Obten tus respuestas aquí.

Communicating With The Dead: Learn The Shocking Truth

The spirit you think is mom, dad, or some other loved one from beyond the grave is NOT your loved one. But, what about the "proof" that the living can indeed talk to the dead? Let God's Word open your eyes to a deception that is pure evil. Read Spirits Of The Deceased

Comunicarse con los muertos: La impactante verdad

El espíritu que parece ser tu madre, padre o algún otro ser querido tuyo desde el más allá NO es tu ser querido. Pero, ¿qué hay de "la prueba" de que los vivos pueden comunicarse con los muertos? Permite que la Palabra de Dios te abra los ojos para que veas el engaño que es de la maldad pura. Te invitamos a leer ¿Están los muertos entre los vivos?

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Capital Punishment Is Sanctioned By The Bible

Christians and believers in the Bible, the Word of God calls for the death penalty for first degree murder, rape, and other acts of violence. The Bible tells us to behold the goodness AND the severity of God whose Word--including in the New Testament--does NOT speak against capital punishment Read the scriptural proof now.

La Biblia sanciona la pena capital

Cristianos y creyentes en la Biblia, la Palabra de Dios pide la pena de muerte para el asesinato en primer grado, la violación y otros actos de violencia. La Biblia nos dice que contemplemos la bondad Y la severidad de Dios, cuya Palabra -incluso en el Nuevo Testamento- NO habla en contra de la pena capital. Lea ahora la prueba bíblica.

traducciones inglés español

Teofila Gottfried book

¿Qué tiene que ver conmigo? por Teófila Gottfried

Lo que leemos en la Biblia tiene que ver con todos los seres humanos, sean cristianos o judíos, ateos o agnósticos, budistas, musulmanes o adherentes a alguna de las filosofías o nuevas religiones que surgen en el mundo. ¿Por qué? Ver mayor información sobre este interesante libro.

The Threat of Nanotechnology: Could It Be Satanically Inspired?


A Very Brief Introduction to Nanotechnology

To determine whether there exists a real threat of nanotechnology, and whether it could be satanically inspired, we must know what it is. "Nano" denotes one billionth. A nano-second is one billionth of a second; a nano-meter is one billionth of a meter. One meter is equivalent to a little more than a yard. A background in Physics and Mathematics isn't necessary to realize that dividing a yard stick into a billion parts is practically inconceivable. One billionth of a meter is virtually invisible.

Scientists who can successfully work with matter (things) on such a small scale can achieve what's loosely termed "molecular manufacturing." Everything in existence, animate and inanimate, is called matter, and is composed of atoms, which attract or repel other atoms depending on their electrical charge, thus forming molecules. Molecules continue to arrange themselves until the manufacture of a person or object is complete. This process is one that scientists hope to control at their will some day soon through nanotechnology. That thought is disturbing.

Satanic "Creation" Power?

If scientists can learn to manipulate the invisible to such an extent that they learn to "create" what is visible from what is invisible, they will have achieved the closest thing that can mimic God's creation power. If that is the desired goal, it is undeniably satanically inspired, because Satan sought to take the place of the Creator. Taking the Creator's place calls for acquiring creation power. Lucifer literally attempted to dethrone the Creator by making war in heaven.

Isaiah 14:12-14 reminds readers of Lucifer's determination to take the place of God. It reads, "How art thou fallen from heaven O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground which didst weaken the nations! For thou hast SAID IN THINE HEART, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne ABOVE the stars of God. I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north. I will ascend above the heights of the clouds. I WILL BE LIKE THE MOST HIGH."

The Most High has creation power. Any desire to be like him includes the attainment of creation power, or the closest thing to it. Although such an achievement is impossible, deceiving people to believe it has been achieved is very possible. Everyone of us will fall prey to the enemy, if we do not walk in the wisdom of God's Word. The threat of nanotechnology lies in the fact that the manipulation of matter at the atomic and molecular levels is at its heart. Manipulation of the invisible to fabricate the visible would be a most powerful means of deceiving the people that man really can become his own god, with his own creation power. Yes. Such a thought is satanically inspired, even in those who do not have evil intentions. If something encourages the quest to be equal to the Creator, we can be sure it is diabolical.

The Bible on the Threat of Nanotechnology

How could an ancient book like the Holy Bible have anything to say on such a modern technology like nanotechnology? Remember, scripture rarely uses specific terms for mindsets and behaviors. Instead, it describes what takes place. This is by divine inspiration, because terms change. Times change. However, man basically stays the same. The Lord does not change. And, Satan and the evil spirits in his kingdom do not change either.

It's very interesting to learn that even as far back as the Bible days, God's people possessed a knowledge that, by all natural means, they should not have had. For example, the apostle Paul who had no scientific knowledge, on more than one occasion, revealed that he knew that all things were made from things not seen. In other words, Paul knew that the visible was made from the invisible. Remember that atoms and molecules are invisible. Paul, therefore, was speaking of atoms and molecules, though he did not know such terms.

In Romans 1:20 he said, "For the INVISIBLE things of him (God) from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead, so that they (mankind) are without excuse."

Essentially Paul is reminding people that the visible was made by God from the invisible, which was also made by the same God.

In Hebrews 11:3 he taught, "...We understand that the worlds were framed by the Word of God so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear."

The scriptures we've just seen in Romans and Hebrews are flawless in their scientific accuracy. God spoke atoms into creation. He also is the author of atomic and molecular behavior. The absolute control God has in his power of creation could not be made any more evident. Keeping those truths in mind, let us ask a very disturbing question: Does nanotechnology, which is control over invisible things to "create" visible things, satisfy a diabolical hunger to be the creator instead of the creature? Herein lies the threat of nanotechnology, that according to some people, might be satanically inspired.

The Third Man by Angela Sheffield Based on true events, The Third Man by Angela Sheffield, brings the Bible up close and personal as the characters face real issues of life: Betrayal, deceit, romance, bitterness, anger against God, hopelessness, will power, perplexity, triumph, unforgiveness, mental illness, and the "Alcohol made me do it" excuse. Read chapter one FREE now.

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Why would you reduce God to such a level that having the simple ability to manipulate molecules and electrons would give man the ability to surpass God?

Didn't people say similar things about flying before the Wright brothers sent us into the skies?

God gave man a mind that wonders, and asks the question, 'what if?'.

Nanotechnology is only the tip of the iceberg...as was the invention of the wheel. There is so much more...

In my humble opinion, God is SO much greater than anything we can fathom in our physical universe...above the 28+ dimensions that multi-dimensional physicists now theorize about; above the limitations of the physical universe; above time and above space; above all...

Why should something like nanotechnology give man anything close to equallity to God? The fact is, that it won't. The issue here is more about man's ego and man's fear of the unknown.
by: Dave
Posted on 2011-03-28 19:52:26

To Dave:

You ask, "Why would you reduce God to such a level that having the simple ability to manipulate molecules and electrons would give man the ability to surpass God?" Dave, in what part of the article is God being reduced and where does it say that man has or ever will have the ability to surpass God? In the 3rd paragraph under the heading: What Is Nanotechnology? it reads, "...Do some scientists desire to attain total independence from God and even surpass him through various technologies such as virtual reality, genetic engineering, and nanotechnology?" How does this true statement of man's DESIRES to surpass God translate to saying that such desires will actually be fulfilled? It doesn't. In fact, the wisdom and sovereignty of God over man is repeatedly emphasized throughout the read when we make statements such as, "God spoke atoms into creation, yet scientists can barely manipulate them at the molecular level." Do you see God or man being glorified here? You attempt to defend something that has not been attacked--the glory of God, which shines in the true statements throughout the article. Again, there is not one single statement in this article that says that man can surpass God. It makes mention of man's DESIRE to surpass God. There's a big difference.
by: Heavenly Manna
Posted on 2011-03-28 20:48:04

What's so wrong with anyone other than God creating life? No, that's not a rhetorical question. I want an answer.
For your information, I never ask God rhetorical questions. They always expect answers. Even if they sound rhetorical like "What's so wrong with X"... They STILL expect answers from a pastor or God.
In my opinion, it's not (at least it shouldn't be) about that God hates it, it's about what's so bad about it that God hates. What's so bad about it that God hates?
by: Jonathan Dahlin
Posted on 2018-10-28 12:33:33

To Mr. Dahlin:

You ask, "What's so wrong with anyone other than God creating life?" First, no one would ask such a question were he in the knowledge of a very basic scientific principle: Matter can neither be created nor destroyed. NO ONE but God can create life. Therefore, it does not make sense to question what is impossible. What's more is that the Bible, in Ecclesiastes 3:14, had already told man that he cannot create or destroy anything.
by: Heavenly Manna
Posted on 2018-10-28 15:05:57

Nanotechnology is so much more than creating and manipulating life at a molecular level. It is true that some people think they can create and manipulate living organisms, but not only are we nowhere close to this advancement but this is not the sole purpose of nanotechnology. There are many beautiful and useful ways nanotechnology can and is being used for good. To call an entire science satanically inspired because of a meer idea involving it is absurd. People will always think they can surpass God. We have seen this throughout history. This is not a new notion and it is not directly connected with a specific field like nanotechnology. We are made in God's image, and his creations are our building blocks and inspiration for everything we have made throughout the years. I think it is possible to bask in his creation and explore it to it's limits without assuming the place of the almighty creator. God's eternal power goes far beyond the physical. Our bodies and physical state are not what defines us. It is our soul that is the very essence of us and it is there where we should dwell. I think it is good to question everything including a science like nanotechnology that is being widely accepted. But we should also keep our hearts open to new things and look to God to show us what is right. Please respond to this. I would like to know your thoughts. (:
by: Raphael Mendies
Posted on 2021-05-06 22:18:21

To: Raphael Mendies

God called all that He made very good...not just good, but VERY good (Genesis 1:31). That tells us that all the atoms and molecules in their original state as God made them are very good. Do we change what God called very good, and continue to call what we've changed good? No. That is not submission to the way God created things. Good intentions can be evil without the person realizing it. we read, "But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men" (Matthew 16:23). Peter meant no harm. The Bible says he loved Jesus. Nevertheless, his words were satanically inspired. Scientists need to leave God's molecules alone, no matter what they think their intentions are.

Note: Please do not duplicate your comments. Thank you for your understanding, and for taking the time to comment. We hope we have answered your question.
by: Heavenly Manna
Posted on 2021-05-07 02:30:32

My question is, can we as a Christian take medication engineered or produce with nanotechnology?
by: Mary olu
Posted on 2023-03-26 06:56:18

Dear Ms. Olu:

Because HeavenlyManna.net does not dispense medical advice, we must limit our response to the following:

The above content reflects the views of some of the team members of HeavenlyManna.net toward nanotechnology based on what is clearly revealed in the Scriptures, which are freely available for all to read, and make their own decisions regarding the use of medications engineered with nanotechnology.
Our content in Physical/Mental Health and Wellness offers information based on personal experiences with all natural medicines. Those experiences cover a range from bronchitis to tumors. Those members of the team have made the personal decision to use herbs in their natural form (bulk), and organically grown or wild crafted to recover from health problems. Why have some made that decision? Because side effects from genetically engineered foods and medicines can be fatal. Heirloom herbs and foods are those foods that have not been altered by man. They are in the state the Creator made them. And in that state, He called them good. Those members found that learning to use herbs properly instead of taking unnatural medicines produced in a laboratory was the best decision for their health, and is in agreement with their belief in the Scriptures. Sharing personal experiences does not equate to prescribing herbal treatments.
by: Heavenly Manna
Posted on 2023-03-30 01:19:30

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