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Truth really can be stranger than fiction.

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La verdad puede ser más extraña que la ficción.

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Die Wahrheit kann wirklich seltsamer sein als die Fiktion.

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All At Once

Have you ever stopped to think about the omnipresence of God, and what it means to man here on earth? If not, you might find encouragement when it seems you are just one in a multitude on Earth who need God to intervene. Read more


God Is A Scientist!

Biblical wisdom is absolutely amazing, in part, because biblical science is perfect in its accuracy. This poem about the Bible instructs, encourages, warns; and reveals how wonderful the knowledge of God is. Its beautiful rhyme schemes invite the reader to read and study the Christian Bible. Read more


Wiser Than King Solomon!

This poem about the Bible draws the attention of the reader to reflect on biblical wisdom. The wise king Solomon understood the meaning of life, because he was made wise by the all-wise God of Israel. Many people, including the queen of Sheba, made long voyages just to consult him. Do we have access to that kind of wisdom today? Yes, we do. Read more


Help! I'm Drowning!

For some people, learning how to swim is an intimidating activity. This is especially true for the adult learner who is often awkward in the water. We hope that our poem about swimming encourage, teach, and express the fun and good exercise that swimming can be. This one is about the struggle, but leaves the reader with an encouraging message. Read more


The Best Happy Mother's Day Poems

These free happy mothers day poems are part of the tribute to moms worldwide on this special day. Read them to see which ones express the messages you want to present to your mother. Print them out and add them to a blank greeting card or to a custom card. Leave comments and share with other readers your use of our free happy mothers day poems. Read more


Birds In The Belfry...I Mean Bats

It is often said that ignorance is bliss. And that what you do not know cannot harm you. However, this poem is a reminder that there are many times when it is dangerous NOT to understand when we should fear for our own safety and protection. Read more


A Poem for My Grandfather Asleep in Jesus the Resurrection Power

This poem for grandfather consisting of rhyme schemes was written only weeks before he fell asleep in Jesus, the resurrection power. He died of cancer. I did not simply want to say beautiful words at his funeral, but rather to honor him as I said goodbye, and to celebrate the blessed decision he made to accept Christ as his Savior on his death bed. Thank God that the name of my grandfather is now written in the book of life. Read more


The Inner Beauty Pageant: A Different Look at Outward Beauty

One youth counselor decided to put on a very different beauty pageant--one that focused not on outward appearance, but on inner beauty. Read more

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