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Truth really can be stranger than fiction.

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La verdad puede ser más extraña que la ficción.

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Die Wahrheit kann wirklich seltsamer sein als die Fiktion.

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I Went Out With A Bang

The saying that we should not put off until tomorrow what we can do today might be much more important than we could ever imagine. Such is the lesson learned by the protagonist of this true drabble. Read more


My Best Friend...Judas

Have you been betrayed by your best friend? Or do you know someone who has experienced betrayal in friendship? This true story raises the question of whether the "Judas" of the story is really innocent. You be the judge. Read more


Get Over It, Little Man!

Men who are small in stature often complain of the disrespectful treatment they receive from men of average stature. The true stories of conflicts, including those that go to blows, abound. But, what about the reaction of when they want to date? Read more


Pull the Plug

The seventy-seven year old man decided to pull the plug on his dying wife as he had promised her he would do. And, because he did not want to see her linger in her suffering. He knew he was breaking the law, but... Read more


Swim If You Are A Man, Sink If You Are A Woman!

As a result of new federal government guidelines, traditionally male dominated companies now had to become equal opportunity employers. This meant a new job for Lori! But, that new job was sink or swim. Perhaps the opportunity was not quite so equal when it came to women attempting to do a man's job. Read more


Covens, Sage And Gremlins

The story of Tatianna is one of many true stories that could have been avoided. The young teen knows that she must make Paula and Paulette stop bullying her. But, what she does not know is that the help that she is being offered comes from the enemy in the form of false friends in a witches coven. Read more


My Two Cents' Worth

Parishoners had generously tossed $5 and $10 bills into the tray for church members suffering financial hardship. Why were they now searching for the smallest change in their pockets and purses? Some would give nothing but the change they had...though that be only two cents. Read more


Hair Today Gone Tomorrow

The beauty of her long golden locks would be frozen in time by the photographer. Picture day was only a few hours away. She did not realize, however, the devices that a sick mind can imagine. A device that would cut that happiness out of her life. But why? You be the judge. Read more


I'll Drink To That!

The Bible says children are a blessing. But how many have turned to the bottle, because the little blessing they did not cherish is not a part of their life! However, when life says, "I will give you a second chance." Even the alcoholic should respond, "I'll drink to that!" Read more

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