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The Hidden Agenda Of Evolution Education


A drink of water can save a life, and a lake of water can drown that same life. Likewise, the use of technology can unravel the mysteries of the world and its misuse can weave into virtual reality, any world the imagination can conceive. It's therefore imperative to truly adhere to the wisdom that not all that glitters is gold to guard against persuasion by cleverly crafted false evidence such as that which is seen in evolution education. In literature classes across the country, the Bible is often viewed as an ordinary book of literature and is often required reading. It gives students an account of things passed, an explanation of life's mysteries, and other elements of a great piece of literature. In America's science classrooms, however, the Bible is practically never viewed as a science book even though it gives students an amazing amount of scientifically accurate teachings. Instead, the great book of Jewish literature suddenly becomes a religious manual. What is the difference in the Bible being viewed as literature and as a book of science? The answer is simple. The stories of pure literature, however well known they may be, cannot be proved with visible, audible and tangible evidence, but science can. Consequently, if today's technology has now enabled man to prove valid, the Bible's scientific teachings, what will he do with its spiritual teachings? Here lies the core of the controversy--and fear. Here lies the dark agenda behind evolution education.

In the article, "How Intelligent Design Flunked It's Test Case." Judge John E. Jones III ruled that, "Intelligent design is a religious idea and a Pennsylvania school board may not introduce it into the classroom."

Evolution education in the United States figures among the most cleverly masterminded deceptions in the nation. Its true agenda is not to educate Americans about a theory but to discredit the Bible's scientifically sound teachings about the Creation, which, in turn, bears witness of the existence of the all-wise Creator.

Bearing in mind the "behind the scenes" goal of evolution education to contradict and successfully refute the biblical teachings of the Creation, it is perfectly logical that the majority of the theory's teachings must be in sharp conflict with what is popularly termed "fundamental" Christianity. In this way, most Americans will come to the conclusion that either the Creation is false and evolution theory is true, or evolution theory is false and the Creation is true. According to the biblical time line from the book of Genesis to the present, the Earth is fairly young, approximately less than ten thousand years old; evolution theory must counter with the statement that Earth is approximately four billion years old. According to biblical scripture, God created man, evolution theory must counter with a statement that removes God from the picture. And the list continues in this pattern. Do the advanced tools of technology allow society to access and analyze the world with a profundity that solves the mysteries of the universe? The space ship, telescope, microscope, submarine, and x-ray machine have all permitted research scientists to peer into the abyss, the unseen world of parasites, the bodies of living things, and even the heavens of space. Do the discoveries made possible by technological advances give credence to the theory of evolution or to the Bible's account of the Creation?

Charles Darwin proposed that all living things evolved from a single cell, but his hypothesis lacked physical evidence of evolution having taken place. Today archaeologists are aided in their work by a variety of tools that technology has provided them in their quest for fossilized records of what took place in the process of life and how long ago.

In the year 2004 an ancient streambed emerged from the work of road construction, uncovering a fossil supposedly 365 million years old. The limb bone of a prehistoric tetrapod had been fossilized. Tetrapods are animals with a spine and four limbs that evolution theory says evolved from fins allowing an aquatic life form to "walk" out of water onto land (John Roach).

Very recently, more "evidence" of the transitional species predicted by Darwin, has turned up in the form of Tiktaalik, the fossilized record of an ancient fish that could walk. It is predicted that an array of "missing links" will be uncovered in great detail to the proving of the evolution of life (Novacek, Michael J.). At first, the presentation of such physical evidence appears to be what evolutionists label as the "missing links" between ancestor and descendant life forms, and thus, proof of such phenomenon. Nevertheless, failure to investigate the genuineness of any evidence is crucial to guard against not only the deception of evolution education but also of unscriptural teachings by Creationists.

When defenders of evolution speak of "evidence" of the theory, it is interesting to note how they very conveniently omit extremely relevant information on the topic in question to allow the reader to make an informed decision whether to believe or reject any proposed theory.

In 1938, a very strange looking, large blue fish was caught from the Indian Ocean near Madagascar. It was identified as a crossopterygian fish that is one of the fish from the record of fossils named coelacanth. Evolutionists have affirmed that these fish are ancestors of animals with four limbs and a backbone, which of course, includes man. The problem is that evolution theory taught that crossopterygian fish became extinct 80 million years ago. How then has this fish been found alive in 1938 (Dr. David N. Menton)? This truth is only one in literally hundreds of modern day discoveries that are steadily coming forth and unveiling the absurdity of evolution theory which is nothing but guesswork, not even worthy of being called a hypothesis (educated guess). In spite of the shame that this has brought on evolution, in spite of the evolutionists who have turned their back on a ludicrous theory, it is still clung to by such groups as atheists, agnostics and New Agers, as the only argument, however weak, against the account of the Creation given by the Bible.

The latest claim of proof of evolution in the fossilized record of the supposed ancient fish Tiktaalik is simply another desperate attempt by evolutionists to find what does not exist, a record that undeniably shows one life form in the very process of evolving into a different one. Again, on this subject, the reader is not told that there are approximately 25,000 different species or "kinds" of fish, with around 200 more being discovered each year as technology allows man access to the deepest parts of the abyss.

Experts agree that there once may have existed as many as one million different species of fish. This is a profound statement for many reasons. First, with just the thousands of species of fish that are identified, an astounding amount of differences are seen. There are fish with scales and fish without scales. Evolutionists are not claiming that the fish without scales are in transition towards the development of skin. There are fish that walk such as the walking catfish but it is not said that he is on his way to becoming a land creature. There are fish that fly hundreds of yards, yet evolutionists are not claiming that they are in the process of becoming birds. The beta fish which were introduced to the United States, have organs similar to lungs that take in oxygen directly from the air and that will drown if not able to come up to the water's surface to breath air. Nevertheless, they are not said to be turning into land animals, and certainly not into people. Why are such claims not being made about these fish? The answer is that the experts realize, through the use of technology's ability to peer into the bodies of these animals, that however diverse they may be, they are still all fish. Is this not what the Bible had already said when it referred to different "kinds" of the same animal (Genesis 1:21 of the Holy Bible)? A "kind" of an animal is the species of that same animal. Why does evolution education in America's classrooms leave out important discoveries such as that of the finding of what evolution had said to be an extinct fish?

It must be understood that belief that the Earth is billions of years old is crucial to the survival of evolution theory. Let it be noted also that evolutionists have altered Earth's age numerous times over the past 100 years. Evolutionists have failed miserably in finding sound proof of the theory; consequently, another tactic must be used to keep the great deception from dying out altogether. The tactic is that evolution, which, according to evolutionists, always takes millions of years to happen, will never be able to be observed by anyone. This sounds like a plan for the perfect crime and the perfect lie. Therefore, in spite of all the absurdities that can easily be crumbled, the theory's teaching that Earth is billions of years old remains the one most relied upon for the survival of Darwin's original proposal. Evolutionists claim that man can know the Earth is billions of years old because light from stars billions of years away can be seen from Earth. Therefore, Earth must be at least as old as the stars whose light has traveled billions of light years to reach. Again, the methods to determine cosmic distances used by scientists and evolutionists must be looked at to judge their validity and effectiveness. One such technique is known as the parallax method whose basic concept is simple to understand. Some stars are close to Earth and others are very far away. Its believed that stars very close to the Earth can be accurately measured, as the sun is approximately 93 million miles away. In the parallax method, a scientists who wants to find how far away a very distant star is from Earth would start by choosing a close star such as the sun or the star Alpha Centauri which is also close to Earth. He would then choose the star far away, whose distance he's trying to find. It's known that Earth revolves around the sun which causes things in the sky to look different at various times of the day and year. The scientist looks for how the position of the close star changes in relation to the distant star while the Earth is rotating. If the near star's position doesn't change much, it is calculated at a far distance. If its position moves a lot, it is believed to be a close star. A mathematical formula was devised to calculate these distances at the end of the observation.

Numbers understandably fascinate mathematicians; they are constant. One plus one always yields two. However, this "scientific" method of measuring stellar distances is so terribly flawed that someone once said it would require more faith to believe in the parallax method than to believe the miracles of the Bible. There are some things very wrong with this method. First, evolutionists believe in the Big Bang theory, which states that, all heavenly bodies including planets and stars, are a spin off from a massive explosion. The theory states that, consequently, the universe is constantly expanding at unimaginable speeds. This means that the Earth, the sun, both the nearby and distant star that the scientist chose for his study, are all moving at rapid speeds. How can stars that won't keep still, but rather that move at incredible speeds, be accurately measured? What is more is the parallax method is performed over a period of six months before calculating a distance. That means that six months of rapid expansion takes place during measurement. The supporters and inventors of such method didn't take into consideration this point before declaring that science had proved the Bible to be incorrect and that indeed, the Earth is billions of years old.

Also, the so-called mathematical formula used to calculate these stellar distances based on the parallax method does not allow for difference in results that the bending of light would make. It is inconceivable to think, with the gravitational belts in space, that light would not bend at any point during the measurement over six months in a universe that evolutionists claim is expanding. Such failure to consider the bending of light into the calculation could cause a star approximately 10,000 light years away to appear more than 200,000 light years away. What chaos should be expected when using this method to attempt to measure the distance of stars that are supposedly billions of light years away?

There is also a time factor that simply will not allow an intelligent mind to accept stellar distances determined by such haphazard methods. Hollywood's movies about time travelers becoming lost in the past or in the future, do have an element of truth. It is the technology of today's jets that have given man a glimpse into real-life time travel. If a person flies non-stop by jet just across the United States from California to New York, he will cross several time zones. In essence, he becomes a time traveler. A jet can make such a journey in four hours. If his watch says 3:00 p.m. when he leaves California, it will say 7:00 p.m. when he arrives in New York. Nevertheless, the true time in New York will be 10:00 p.m. Although his actual travel time is only four hours, due to the passage through time zones, it will appear as though he made a journey of seven hours. Considering this powerful impact that the passage through time zones has within a small part of the Earth, imagine the huge distortions of the telling of time when speaking of the passage through the time zones of outer space. This telling of "time", along with the inaccurate parallax method is used to determine as scientific fact that there are stars that are billions of light years away from Earth. The new Cepheid method of determining stellar distances is said to be improved and absolutely accurate. How can this be when it still relies upon the parallax method and the telling of time mentioned? This hardly seems a viable argument in favor of evolution's big bang, old Earth theory. The physical and scientific evidence that technology allows man to gather is overwhelming in support of an earth whose age is roughly 10,000 years. Technology has allowed for the discovery of many things, but it has limits. Modern man makes use of the most powerful telescopes made, with lenses as thick as 200 inches, yet the stars of the night, however close or far away they may be, appear only as points of light when viewed through these super telescopes. In fact, their appearance does not differ much from what the naked eye can see on a clear and starry night.

Another argument against Creation education is that although one may reject the senseless teachings of evolution, he should not automatically turn to the Bible for scientific teachings or explanations. The stated goal of America's educational facilities is to empower students through knowledge of their world, to stimulate them to become tomorrow's great scientists and teachers. Would not such a goal compel one to expose the student to as many valid sources of science related information as possible? Indeed, this is the case, as long as that source is not God’s Word. Does the Bible contain enough proven scientific fact to be deemed worthy as a valid scientific reference book? Yes it does. The amazing facts about the Bible's scientific teachings and statements is that they were made completely without the use of technology in what are considered the "Dark Ages" of man.

This one nation under God should be taught in the classroom the amazing scientific facts about the Bible that cannot be said of any other book in the world. Dinosaurs are described in the Old Testament book of Job beginning at chapter 40 and verse 15, and again in chapter 41 at verse 1. The biblical passages of Genesis 22:17 and Jeremiah 33:22 tells man that the host (stars) of heaven cannot be counted. There is no technology that can tell scientists how many stars are in space. Ecclesiastes 1:6 describes the circulation of the wind as accurate as a meteorologist. Leviticus 17:11 teaches man that the blood is the life of the physical body. It is blood that carries nutrients and oxygen and life cannot be maintained without it. This is perfect Biology. Genesis 1:11-12, 1:21, and 1:25 describes Biogenesis, which simply states that living things reproduce more living things that are like themselves. In the book of Job, chapter 30, verses 5 and 6, we have biblical insight to know that there once lived cavemen before any paintings of them were ever found. The biblical passages of Psalm 135:7, Jeremiah 10:13, Job 36:27-29, Ecclesiastes 1:7, and Isaiah 55:10 all speak of hydrology, perfectly describing atmospheric evaporation of water, precipitation, electrical discharges (lightning), and the circulation of water. These passages are so specific that they even tell us plainly that the world's rivers empty into the seas, which is scientifically accurate. Isaiah 40:22 speaks of Earth being round using the Hebrew word chuwg meaning circuit or compass, spherical or arched in shape.

This list of the Bible's astoundingly accurate teachings on every branch of science, history, math, and even philosophy is just a tiny sampling of the wisdom God offers. Defenders of evolution education are among the groups who have shown a high level of hypocrisy in that they often claim their opposition to the teaching of Creation science lies in the fact that it is inherently religious, and worse, the Bible is scientifically inaccurate. However, these same defenders gladly accept the offering of other alternatives to evolution such as the ancient myths found in Roman, Egyptian, and Greek mythology. If the Bible is nothing more than a Christian myth, why is it seen as a threat? If the Bible is not scientifically accurate, how are the mythological stories of ancient Egypt, Rome, and Greece scientific? What would be the difference to the evolutionist between teaching that the God of the Bible created all things and teaching that the Greek god Zeus is creator? The answers lies in what the rest of the Bible teaches and what the rest of Greek mythology teaches. The problem is that the Bible does not only teach science but also commands men everywhere to repent and believe the Gospel, whereas Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology does not teach such things. It is not desirable to be regarded as being foolish in thought. However, when one is cornered with the fact that the science, math, history, and predictions of the Bible have never failed, it is unwise to reject its commandment to believe on the Son of God for the remission of sins.
©2008 All Rights Reserved


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